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“Since I started working with you, my entire perception on how to make money has changed. You have expanded my thought processes to the point that I see money and opportunity everywhere! I have created 7 new income streams since we began our journey togetherand am looking at several more even as I write this. One of the most amazing pieces for me is that many of those opportunities were available to me all along and I simply couldn’t recognize the potential to capitalize on them. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to my success!”

Heather D. – Fredericksburg, VA


“I really enjoyed the weekend. It really gave me a clear picture of what I need to do, delegate, delegate, delegate, and place the right people, per your Sunday training, in the right places, on my teams. Thank you Paul. Best training ever!!!”

Dan R. – Owner, Santa Barbara REIA, Santa Barbara, CA


“Paul is the catalyst for my expansion from being an ‘inside the box’ thinking attorney to my entry into the exciting and creative arena of divorce coaching and public speaking. Without Paul’s guidance, I would not have made the leap. His direct and positive approach is exactly what I needed to jump start my career. Paul is an excellent coach and mentor and I highly recommend him.”

Susan H. – NC


“I would recommend this program to someone who wants to achieve more in their life, not only financially, but in all aspects of their life.”

John K. – Ann Arbor, MI


“Thanks to you and your program, my life will never be the same!! I’m definitely not the same person that I was when I met you. When I heard you introduce your program at an event I was attending, I knew I wanted to work with you. However, I had a challenge to overcome….I had been burned badly when I bought another program and the person did not follow through. They basically took my money and ran. …I trusted you then with my money, and now I trust you with my life!!!

I never imagined that I would have accomplished the things that I have in what is a relatively short time. Your methods are presented very clearly, and are simple enough for ANYONE who is willing to take direction and ACTION to have major change take place in there life. And, learning from someone who has traveled the road before me in multiple businesses gave me even more confidence in your abilities as a coach.

Our one on one conversations covered so much ground.. I can’t even begin to thank you for the guidance and direction you have given me in every area of my life.. from real estate investing, multilevel marketing, and loan repair …to help with improving my relationship with my son. And of course, my biggest challenge….the struggle I have had with losing weight.

I’m extremely happy to say that all areas of my life are greatly improved because of your sincere interest in helping me design my life on purpose!! Because of our work together, my life is more organized, I am more focused, I’m getting lighter, and the future is more clear!! I am living life INTENTIONALLY, and have embarked on a wonderful journey that I may never have taken without your help!!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!!”

Teresa V.


“I would recommend this program to someone who wants to achieve more in their life, not only financially, but in all aspects of their life.”

John K. – Ann Arbor, MI


“I would recommend this to someone who is tired of churning from program to programand can’t find the secret sauce to make things click.”

Owen W. – Puyallup, WA

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