“Don't let success lead to arrogance and failure lead to criticism.” - Arlin Sailesh Kapadia

How do you react to success and failure in your life? It's one of the big factors in how far you will be able to go with any venture in your life.

How often have you seen someone bragging it up or acting like they are better than everyone else when they succeed?

How do you feel when you see them acting that way?

Does their attitude attract you or repel you?

Most people are attracted to those who do provide a great product or service and at the same time are humble and thankful for their success.

Do you let failure open the door to criticism? Have you seen those who point fingers at everyone else when they come up short blaming them for the failure? How do you feel when you see them acting this way? Does their attitude attract you or repel you? In this case, I rarely see anyone who is attracted to the criticism.

Now in each case, an effective leader is someone who takes personal responsibility for all results first while giving credit to those who are part of any successes.

Whether you have success or failure with an activity, do an after action review on the entire action sequence. Make sure to praise those who excelled and did well. They will love this and be more invested in repeating the success. Look for ways to make the process better next time, if there is going to be a next time.

Analyzing what can be done better is a much more effective route forward helping the entire team instead of pointing fingers.

When you make both success and failure positive experiences, people tend to feel more comfortable working with you. This will promote them giving maximum effort and treating your vision as theirs. When this happens, you are bound for success.

Remember - Be the leader you would want to follow.

Do It Different! Paul Finck The Maverick Millionaire

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