“Don't struggle for salary.. DO struggle for Success..” - Bhadra

Which do you work for in your life - money or success? I often hear so many people focusing on creating a great income. Challenge is, they get involved with a business only because of the income or the possibilities of income it creates.

This can work for a time if the idea is great one. It is usually only temporary though because the desire for money once satisfied allows you to become distracted and lose focus on the business. The world is littered with stories of those who made a ton of money, yet somehow it all came crashing down.

The businesses who have lasted are ones where the focus is on successfully solving a challenge. The reason why this works out for the long run is because the focus is on providing value to others.

Typically, people who add value in an area they are passionate about will do whatever it takes to create success for their clients. The passion is what drives the desire to succeed. This is a much stronger and lasting motivation than just money.

The magic which occurs is when you create value for others, the monetary reward comes with the success in providing greater value and solving more people's challenge. A great question to ask yourself with any business is "Would you do this whether you were getting paid for it or not?". When the answer is yes, then you have an idea or business you are passionate about.

Your next step becomes delivering great value to become a huge success and receive a great reward. Are you ready to get started with this type of focus for your business?

Do It Different! Paul Finck The Maverick Millionaire

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