“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” – Audre Lorde

Are you ever afraid of moving forward in your life? This comes up often for entrepreneurs. You are constantly doing new actions which are often filled with risk. There can be many opportunities for fear to creep in and take hold.

The successful entrepreneurs learn how to work with the fear instead of letting it paralyze them. Have you learned how to get through the fear barrier consistently?

Two of your biggest keys are in your vision and your why. Your vision needs to be big enough to excite you and pull you toward it. It is a goal which you will do anything you need to do to attain – even conquer your largest fears.

The second part which ties in tightly with your vision is your why. Why are you doing what you are doing? This needs to be emotionally charged for you – either positively or negatively. Some people will work harder for the carrot while others will work harder to avoid the stick. Only you can figure out which drives you more effectively.

The most important factor with your why is you must feel it when you think or talk about it. If you don’t, it will never help get you over the fear hump in the road. This emotion is the fuel to power your engine to find whatever way you need to blast through any fear or obstacle in your way.

I’m sure you have heard many people say they want to succeed for their family or to be able to give back or to have the freedom to decide what they do when they want to do it. Sound familiar at all?

For most, this why is unable to move them strongly enough to do whatever it takes to achieve their vision. It’s something people expect them to say. I call it their cocktail why because it’s what you would hear at any party when talking to someone… and they’ve probably been saying it for many years with little to no emotional attachment. This is why many people never succeed to the level they want – no deep driving force.

Your emotion about a topic is a powerful force. When harnessed it can be like jet fuel to power you forward. Your emotion-felt why will drive you to be everything you want to be. The more you feel the emotion, the faster and longer the engine will run to drive you to your vision.

You will be tested in your commitment to achieve as an entrepreneur. When your why and vision are strong enough, you will be the powerful person you are destined to be.

Do It Different!
Paul Finck
The Maverick Millionaire

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