“When you experience a negative circumstance or event, do not dwell on it. Be proactive — put your attention on what you need to do to bring the situation to a positive result.” – Rodolfo Costa

Do you tend to focus on negative results or happenings in your life?

Many times, as entrepreneurs, we can be our own toughest critics since we are used to looking for ways to make circumstances or results better.

When done constructively as an after action review, this is a positive part of the growth process for any venture. You identify what worked well in the process. Then, you identify the challenges which created the different result. You can figure out what to do differently now to change the outcome, when possible, or what you will do in the future when presented with this same challenge.

When given any longer life than the after action review, focusing on the negative only distracts you from where you are going. It prevents you from identifying other opportunities which help you arrive there faster and easier.

As entrepreneurs, we know missteps are a part of the journey to our eventual success. For maximum effectiveness, we must learn from these challenges while focusing only short amounts of attention on them.

To achieve your great success in the shortest amount of time –> Keep taking action. Analyze what works. Change what needs improved. Take new actions. Repeat this process often.

Do It Different!
Paul Finck
The Maverick Millionaire

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