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“Success is anything that gives you strength to work harder.” – M.H. Rakib

How do you measure success?

For some, it is reaching their goals they set out.

For others, they measure it by the activity they take toward their principle targets.

And for others, every day above ground is success.

We each have our own definition.

While I believe in creating and setting your longer-term Principle Targets, this can sometimes take what feels like forever to achieve. And for some, this length of time becomes challenging since they are unable to celebrate until some time down the road. What happens if you never reach the goal? Are you still successful?

I like to measure the activities taken to reach the goal as a success. This allows you the opportunity to celebrate more often which is part of keeping you motivated. You feel like taking the next step when you have just succeeded in the previous one, right? This is all part of creating momentum in your life. By celebrating the actions, you will be successful each time you move forward with the next step.

Another reason is the actions are the part of the success equation you have more direct control over. You decide if you are going to take your next action in your success plan.

In the overall larger goal, often there can be outside challenges beyond your control which pop up. These could hold you from ever being able to classify the goal as a success. By taking consistent action toward your goal, you might even find out you want to change the goal entirely. This is itself still a success, yet it would never be celebrated if you only measure against your initial goal.

Break your Principle Targets down into Daily Individualized Action Steps. These become your mini-goals. Each time you accomplish one, recognize it in some form. This recognition will create and support your success mindset. Reinforcing your actions and your mindset helps you move forward more effectively. The more consistently you do this, the more successful you will become.

Do It Different!

Paul Finck – The Maverick Millionaire®

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