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“I focus on what I want since I become what I focus on.” – Paul Finck

Who do you know who when you talk to them, their conversation and focus is about all of the challenges they have in their life?

What do they get more of in their life while focusing on these challenges – that’s right, more challenges. Coincidence?

What do you focus on every day? Is this focus what you want out of life – your Principle Targets?

Do you keep your list of Daily Prioritized Action Items in front of you throughout your day to guide your actions?

One of the ideas I incorporated early on in my life was knowing exactly what the intended destination was in my life. This all starts for me by having my goals – my Principle Targets – written out and placed in a spot where I see them every day. This is a constant reminder and reinforcement of where I want to be.

To reach these Principle Targets, I create my daily written to-do list – Daily Prioritized Action Items – the night before I go to bed. These specific action steps for the day keep my focus on exactly what I want in my life. Do you think it’s coincidence by using this kind of focus that I have achieved as much as I have in my life?

You are able to achieve the results you want for your life too. Start by being aware of what you focus on since you know that is where you are going. Make sure your focus is on your Principle Targets and your Daily Prioritized Action Items. By doing this, you will control what your results will be.

Do It Different!

Paul Finck – The Maverick Millionaire®

P.S. This is one of my daily Maverick Moments which is part of my Maverick Membership program. If you want to learn more about being a maverick watch the video below or read how here.