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“Anything worthy is worth the fight!” – Besa Kosova

This is a quote which I remember when situations become challenging. There have been multiple times in my life where deciding whether to keep moving forward was a huge decision. Most entrepreneurs will face this at one point or another in their life at least once.

I always come back to asking myself is this project or principle target worthy of pursuing. When I answer yes, I know I must find a way to make it work. This means finding new methods or ways to make it happen. It can mean reaching out to locate new resources to further the progress. It will definitely mean growth for me to be able to make it happen.

What I always remember is my commitment to do whatever it takes to fight to achieve the worthy goals. This commitment to accomplishing my principle target has helped me create success when many others would have quit.

Do you have the drive and the commitment necessary to fight for what is important to you? It’s what is required to reach the top of the mountain.

I reframed being called crazy as a good thing. It means I am on to something if it is such a stretch for most to think it is even possible for that idea to happen. It also motivates me to create just that ‘crazy’ vision.

When you have a vision outside of what most believe is possible, embrace it, nurture it, work on it. Keep in mind, most great ideas were only a crazy dream at one point… and one day you too may be viewed as a genius!

Do It Different!
Paul Finck
The Maverick Millionaire®

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