“The mind is the mine of man, wherein he digs out good or evil.” – Ogwo David Emenike

What do you dig out of your mind daily? This can be a tricky question for many since both good and evil are available.

The choice you make every day is where to focus your mindset. You can focus on action steps which move your goals forward every day. When you choose this daily, you create momentum in your life.

City A – Good or Evil?

Now if you choose to focus on all the challenges you face, all the reasons why you are unable to get to your goals and why everyone seems to be working against you, you know you have hit a vein of evil in your mind. Is this where you want to be? You choose what you mine.

This brings to mind a story. There was a man traveling from City A to City B walking along a road. He passes another person going the opposite direction. They ask him what type of people there are in the city he is coming from. The man asks the other traveller what kind of people were in the city he just came from. They responded they were all liars, cheats, and scam artists looking out only for themselves. He tells the other traveller that is exactly what they will find in City A when they get there too.

A little while later, he comes upon a second traveller headed toward City A. This second traveller asks the same question about what type of people are in City A. The man asks him what type of people were in City B where he is coming from. The traveller answers they were all kind-hearted, helpful and friendly. They would do anything for their neighbor. The man says that is exactly the same type of person he will find in City A.

Now how can City A fit the description for both types of people? It’s because whatever you seek, you shall find. If you seek out good, you will find good. If you seek out bad, you will find it just as easily. It’s up to you to choose your focus.

Choose to mine the good in your mind to live a life filled with abundance and happiness. Your success is entirely up to you and what you mine.


Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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