“Notice the difference between being in control and needing control.”- Marilyn Suttle

Which one are you? For many entrepreneurs, one of the biggest challenges is the feeling they need to be in control of everything going on in their business. Why is this a challenge?

There is only a limited amount any one person is able to do themself or be directly involved in with their team. Each of us is given 24 hours in each day. If you feel you are the best person to do many of the critical items in your business, this pulls at your allotted hours available. Soon you become the overworked employee of your own business being pulled in many different directions while feeling frustrated because this was not the lifestyle you had pictured for yourself when you started your business. Sound familiar?

What Do You Do Different?

True leaders are in control of their business. They create this whether they are physically there doing the task or not. They set out the course for the projects and let others step up to run them. Often they even give final say on many of the items to trusted contractors or employees. This shows they are actually in control by giving control up to others. Why? They give up direct control over a process or sequence knowing they are capable of resuming the control at any given time.

If you have ever sat with me or one of my coaches at one of my events for lunch or dinner, we frequently give up control of the conversation while letting someone else tell us about themselves. Sometimes, it may even seem like they have taken control of the interaction because they are doing most of the talking. This is until we step in and ask a couple of questions which then directs the conversation exactly where we want it to go. In this case, who is in control of the conversation – the person talking the most or the person asking the questions directing the focus of the conversation? Of course it ‘s the person asking the questions and guiding the direction of the interaction.

We could feel the need to control the entire conversation just training and teaching the entire time allowing only short answers. Would this be as effective in getting our students to open up to let us know what they are looking for by being at this event?

By allowing the group some freedom, they share more challenges which leads to more effective conversations addressing their challenges. They get more out of this process. We share more meaningful information with the entire group. All of this happens because we are confident in the fact we are in control of the conversation just by doing something as small as asking questions.

By being in control of what is going on around us instead of needing to control all aspects of your business, you will be much more effective. You will be able to accomplish so much more by setting the direction and allowing others to row the boat. You still turn the rudder as needed to adjust the course while letting others be the driving force. It ‘s how the ultra-successful entrepreneurs run their business and enjoy their life at the same time. Are you ready to join them?


Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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