“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”- Nathan W. Morris

When was the last time you edited your life? Or maybe the better question is, have you ever edited your life?

This is an action I take frequently in my life. I do it to keep the right people around me. I choose to surround myself with those who are positive, entrepreneurial, focused, giving, supportive, willing to challenge me on my weaknesses and looking to make a huge impact on their world just to name a few traits.

Why Do You Need to Edit

If I choose these types of people, why would I ever need to edit my life? Over time, change occurs. It may have been they change their focus and we are not in harmony any longer. It could be they ‘interviewed’ well in the beginning and later I found out the true story. It could be they work well with me and create challenges within my team. It may even be they make a decision or take an action which is outside of what I want to have in my life.

Whatever the reason, I tend to move along quickly. I know I get to choose who I allow in my life. I only want the best to surround myself and to surround my family. This is important since most of business associates also spend large amounts of time around my family. Editing ruthlessly keeps my journey moving forward as quickly and as focused as possible.

This is the foundational area which supports all you are creating in your life. Make sure to choose the right people and even more importantly, make sure to move on from them when you find out they are no longer the type of person you want to be a key part of your masterpiece.

Realize the people in your life is just one part of your life to use this process on. You can apply this same principle to all areas of your life. Your choice of income, your health, your spirituality, your relationships. Using this process consistently across all areas will help you completely design your life on purpose with intent. Start today! You deserve your masterpiece now!


Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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