“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

How does this show up in your life? When you have an opportunity to take action, do you take it?  Even when you are unsure how this action will create results, taking it at least gets you in the game.  This simple action of showing up will set you apart from the great majority of the world.

My commitment to myself and those around me is when I say I am doing something, I make sure to show up. As a Maverick, I don’t believe in excuses.  When I give my word, it does happen.  And to make the action more effective, when I show up, I play at a level 10 at all times. This seams so simple. Yet, it is the first action step toward success. If you don’t show up, you are unable to reach your goal or find a new opportunity.

But What If…

As an example, I have had events where our pre-event registration numbers were low. My team was even talking to me about canceling the event.  I knew what I wanted to do and made that choice.  I showed up and delivered the same great content with the passion for changing lives in a room of 2 as I do in a room of 150.

When I showed up for another speaking engagement for a room of 3 after driving hours in a snowstorm to get to the event, I moved one couple forward.  That couple has gone on to work with me through every program I have, they have enrolled their entire team in my programs and have gone on to be one of my largest success stories and great friends.  It all started with the commitment to just show up.  They told me the fact I showed up in that kind of weather to speak to that small of a room spoke volumes about what my commitment would be to their success.

It’s my commitment to myself and those I come in contact with in my life that I always show up playing at a level 10.  Because I do approach my events and life this way, I have helped countless people move forward in their lives. The huge successes in my life happened because I showed up when others might not have.

It’s easy to talk the talk. When it comes time to walk the walk is when you find out who is going to be successful. For many, this is also the time when the excuses why not to do something roll.

With 80% of success being just showing up, what can you do right now to show up differently than you have before? Create your new commitment to yourself for living the life of your dreams and just show up!

Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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