“There are no environments where you’re only going to win, because life just isn’t like that.” – Bobby Orr

Do you take risks? What I mean by this is do you make decisions to move forward and take action even when the outcome of those actions is unknown? To achieve any success in our life, you will want to make these types of hard decisions.

Being able to move forward when the certainty of the result is unknown is one quality of a true leader and is part of the entrepreneur ‘s required skill set. Being able to take action even when you know failure is a possibility is what separates the hugely successful from those who live a safe, comfortable life… and to be a successful entrepreneur, YOU HAVE TO FAIL!

I often hear students looking to play it safe. They want all the answers before taking a step. They want to know the decision they make will work out before they invest their time and money. Wanting this kind of safety hurts the size of the reward. As you already know, life rewards those who are willing to take risks and those who move forward even when the result is an unknown.  Do you want huge rewards?

Think of those who invest in a company when it’s brand new and unproven. They are the investors who make the largest returns. The investors who come along after the company has proven itself successful may still make money and the returns are much lower. You see the relationship here? The size of the reward goes down as the size of the risk decreases.

Huge Risk = Possible Huge Reward

This leaves you with a decision to make. If you want a huge reward, you must learn to accept and take large risks. If you want a smaller, safe reward, then you can take smaller risks.

If huge success were easy, everyone would do it. Being successful in both life and your business takes the willingness to make the tough decision when others pause.

Taking these risks is all part of the game of living your dream life. Each time you take a risk, there is a reward for taking it… and oftentimes, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Are you ready to take more and larger risks?

Do It Different!


Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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