“My success is contagious!” – Paul Finck

This is one of my favorite programs for myself. When I say programs, it is because this is something I say to myself to program my mind. This is the most easily influenced area in your life – what you tell yourself.

What do you tell yourself every day?  Is your self-talk moving you closer or pulling you further away from what you want in your life?

Your mind is like a computer.  Whatever information you program it with will come out as the result.  If you think and say negative statements, negative results show up.  Knowing this, choose positive statements and self-talk for yourself.

At my event, the Maverick Selling Business Builder Bootcamp, I discuss making Daily Dynamic Declarations multiple times each day. The purpose of these declarations is to feed myself the information I want to be true in my life.

I have written down a whole list of these which I read out loud multiple times each day. This is the list of thoughts I want to reinforce, ideas I want to bring into my life and results I am in the process of creating currently.  Do you have one in your life?  Do you use it daily?

To be able to achieve anything, you must believe it first. By programming myself, I am able to create the belief long before I have seen the results. This belief is key in creating the results.  Showing you how I create success is my passion to help you create the same.

Here is what you can do today:

Step 1 – Create the list of what you want to see, have or experience for yourself as a declarative, positive statement.

Step 2 – Read your declarations out loud multiple times a day to design your life on purpose with intent.

Step 3 – Repeat the reading daily for at least 30 days with the same set of declarations.

I want my success to be contagious and help create your success.  Do what I do and you will get what I have!


Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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