“Your future is crystal clear, when (and only when) you create crystal clear Principle Targets™.” – Paul Finck

Are you crystal clear on where you are headed? When I say crystal clear, have you gotten specific about what your vision looks like?

Do you know exactly what your Principle Targets™ are which will get you to your vision?  Without having this written out in place you can view them constantly, the likelihood of you achieving them diminishes greatly.  Write them out and post them in at least one highly visible area for you.

Now there are 3 Key Traits to an effective Principle Targets™.  Do your Principle Targets™ have these:

  1. Are these Principle Targets™ specific?
  2. Do these Principle Targets™ have a deadline – a specific date when they you want to finish them?
  3. Are they quantified – have a measurable number attached to them?

Rewrite all of your Principle Targets™ to make sure all 3 Key Traits are present.

When you have completed the steps above in specific detail, you have created a crystal clear target for yourself to guide you. When your Principle Targets™ are this clear, the action steps to achieve them become much easier to lay out in a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily action plan. Keep this list of Principle Targets™ in front of you while you are adding Daily Action Items to your list for tomorrow.  When it is broken down to this point, all you have to do is follow the daily prioritized action items to reach the success you laid out in your vision.

This is why I say you have to reverse engineer your success starting from the endpoint – your crystal clear Principle Targets™.  If your Principle Targets™ are less than crystal clear, take the opportunity now to revise them. They will determine your future!

Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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