“A person who makes few mistakes makes little progress.” – Bryant McGill

Are you proud of how few mistakes you make? If you answered yes, the question to ask yourself is are you stepping outside of your comfort zone enough and growing?

I have worked with many entrepreneurs who are very concerned about everything being just right before they take any meaningful steps forward. I understand the desire to get the result you want with any action. The biggest challenge with this approach is it slows down what you are able to accomplish.

If you choose only to take actions where you know you will succeed, this limits the number of actions you will take. In most cases, this means you will only attempt that with which you have experience and a comfort level. Well if your previous experiences were enough to help you get to your goals, you would already have achieved the success you want.

For every successful entrepreneur, they have had to take actions which they were unsure of the results. It is part of the process of achieving great success. Those who take risks get larger rewards. At the same time, there is always the chance they will have larger failures too.

Taking the actions you need to grow knowing you could fail is what separates the employee mindset from the business owner mindset. Employees want to be right. Entrepreneurs want to be successful. Success is attained by taking actions outside your current knowledge and comfort level meaning there is a much larger risk of falling short.

For great growth and success to happen, larger risks must be taken. Successful entrepreneurs embrace the fact they must take risks and will inevitably fail more often than the average person. They also embrace these failures as steps on the journey to success.

Are you ready to grow and succeed? Start taking actions outside your comfort zone as often as possible since this is the path to your dream life.

Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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