“I am empowered to be me.” – Paul Finck

Do you act like you at all times or are there times you act differently because you think you should?

One of the comments I get so often is I’m very real. This usually comes from people after they get to spend some time with me in both a social and training/business setting. They often admit they thought part of my persona had to be a “stage” me acting differently in front of a group than with those I know closest. This used to be true until a few years ago… and I didn’t even realize it!

When I started speaking more on stage quite a few years ago, I had one of my colleagues ask me why I changed into a drill instructor looking to tell the audience what they needed to do to make a change in their life. This colleague knew me personally outside of this event and saw the big difference when I was on stage. I never realized there was such a big difference.

This feedback gave me the opportunity to consciously make a choice on whether I wanted to be a stage persona and then be the regular me everyone knew when I was off stage or do something different than what I was currently doing. I had thought I needed to be more the drill instructor type on stage to be effective. At that point I empowered myself to be me at all times.

I changed what I did from that point forward. I changed my presentation and empowered myself to just be me at all times. With the permission I had given myself to just be me at all times an unexpected thing happened – even more people have been drawn to me. This comes from the fact when people see you are congruent at all times, they feel comfortable with you, they want to be around you and they trust you.

It also made my coaching more effective for my students because it attracted people who liked me and wanted what I had. They felt a draw to me and were willing to take the action steps necessary to create the life they wanted.

The decision to empower myself and let others see the real me is one of those defining moments in life. The decision of allowing myself to be me at all times is one of the reasons my business has taken off and the opportunities keep coming.

I knew I wanted to share it with you in case you are doing the same thing – being one person with those you are close to and another in front of everyone else. Be congruent in who you are at all times. Empower yourself to be you. You will find the people you really want in your life. And the results which come from it are amazing!

Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire®

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