“You manifest what you believe, not what you want.” -Sonia Ricotti  

Take a minute and look at the results you have achieved so far in your life.  Now think about all the dreams and goals you have had at one point or another.  What was different for the goals you had where you succeeded versus the ones you came up short on? 

Typically, one of the biggest differences lies in the belief the goal was possible.  Working with the number of students I have over the years, one of the areas I usually work on is expanding the possibilities in their lives.  I do this to help them achieve greater results than they ever imagined possible before working with me.

The key ingredient for their success after expanding their minds is buying in to the reality their goals and dreams are possible for them to reach.  This belief is what gives you the ability to act confidently.  

Often this belief comes through walking them through the action steps to achieve their ultimate vision.  Once they see the steps laid out, the belief is easier.  The path has been explained.

Any time you have a large goal where you feel yourself doubting whether it is achievable, take the time to map out the action plan.  If you are getting stuck at any point, reach out to a mentor like me who is able to provide the knowledge you need to complete the plan.  

Make sure you get to the stage where you believe your goal will happen.  It will determine your success.  Anything short of complete belief will leave you short of your desired result.

Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire

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