“One characteristic of winners is they always look upon themselves as a do it yourself project.” – Denis Waitley  

What have you done lately to continue growing and improving yourself?  Obviously, you are reading this so this one action step you have taken.  Great job!  Now what else are you doing?

Have you taken the time to identify what areas in your life you want to grow and change?  This is the first step.  Identify and make a list of the areas you want to change.

Now, I update this list at least twice a year as it can change rapidly as I become aware of areas I want to improve.  This is part of being a winner and being successful – constant analysis of what is working and what needs changing

Then choose the first area you want to start taking action on.  I usually look at the list I created and choose the one which will make the biggest impact in growth toward my primary Principle Target I am focusing on now.

Next choose how you are going to grow in this area.  It could be getting a book to learn more about it.  Every winner is constantly training themselves on the next area they are growing in.  How many books did you read last year?  I typically read 3-5 books at a time.  I read every day.  It’s one of the easiest ways to continue improving.  Warren Buffet spends the majority of his day reading every day.  Is he a winner?  Take note of the actions and replicate them yourself.

You could search for and find an event to attend for some specific training.  My upcoming event is one place to get this exact training.  I make it a habit to attend at least one event per quarter.  This commitment to myself ensures I continue moving forward.  It’s like bathing.  It must be done with some consistency to have a lasting result.

All the books and training events are awesome to continue feeding your growth.  Your growth might even include finding a mentor or coach to work with to achieve the most the fastest.  Working closely with a mentor will compress the time it takes to reach our Principle Targets.  

As you see, there are multiple options.  Choose one and get started today.

Keeping in mind there are always areas to improve is key to your continued growth and success.  

Be a sponge.  

Be teachable.  

Learn and grow as rapidly as you can.  

This is how you will make the biggest impact in the world around you.


Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire

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