“You have to take your own bold approach, and if you do you will be rewarded with success.  Or calamitous failure.  That can happen too.” – Steven Moffat 

Are you able to accept either result – success or failure?  Being a successful entrepreneur requires the ability to be able to accept both and keep on moving forward.  

Does the option to fail stop you from taking the action steps to even find out which result you will achieve?

For those who achieve great success, learning to manage the fear and the doubting voices – whether external or internal – is what they learned.  Letting the fear of failure dictate what you are going to do means you are allowing that fear to determine the life you will have today and in the future.   

One of the processes I teach the people I work with is building a strong enough why to get you to do whatever it takes to succeed.  The why I discovered for myself drives me every day in every situation.  It is strong enough to keep me moving passed every obstacle and fear.  Have you discovered this why in your life?   

Now many people think they have a why in their life.  It’s what I call their cocktail why because it’s what’s acceptable to say at a cocktail party and everyone tells you that’s an awesome reason.  The challenge comes in most people who have this kind of why lack the emotional response your true why creates when you talk to someone about it.   

Here’s a test for you: If you have had the same why for years and still have yet to create the success and achieve the goals you set out for yourself, it’s time to continue searching for your true why.  You will know you have found your true why when you feel the emotion and others see this emotion when you talk about it. 

As an exercise, write down your why.  Then continue to ask yourself, “Why is this important?”  By asking this question repeatedly when they think they have their why, many are able to drill down to what really drives them – the emotional joy or pain which will propel them forward.

Invest the time to find your true why.  It will be the fuel to drive your engine to take action so you can accomplish anything you want in your life.  Your strong why will help you take action in spite of any fear or doubt you may have or feel.  Harness it’s power today to design your life on purpose with intent.


Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire

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