“A person who could muster the courage to remove from his daily life the products that he basically doesn’t need would automatically delete the negative thoughts and the toxic people in his life.” – Anuj Somany 


What things are there in your life which you would like to delete to create a better life for you?  

One of my trainings for my Design Your Life coaching program is all about tolerating things in your life.  Things like a messy desk, a loose door handle, a cluttered garage are easy enough to take care of once you take action on them.  

One of the other areas people tend to tolerate is circumstances or people in their lives.  You have the one ‘friend’ who is always negative about their life and what is going on around them.  You tolerate the job you are in because it brings home the income to pay your bills.  Those thoughts which run through your head about not being good enough to start that new business are just left to continue popping up.  These are all examples of living a life at less than a level 10.  Is this really the type of life you want to design and choose for yourself?

For many, all these little annoyances seem small.  It’s easy to allow them to sit on the side just accepting them.  The challenge is do you want to settle for a pretty good life or do you want an amazing, fantastic life of your dreams?  

To receive the latter, make a list of all the little things which you have just been settling for in your life.  Then, chose the first one to take action on.  When you complete it, look for the next one to tackle.  Continue this process.  

The momentum starts to build on itself as you cleanup the tolerances in your life.  Next thing you know, you are living the life of your dreams designed on purpose with intent. 


Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire

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