“Many people succeed when others do not believe in them. But rarely does a person succeed when he does not believe in himself.” – Herb True 


Do you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your principle targets?  As with everything in life, your thoughts are the incubator of your results.  

Have you ever seen crabs in a tank or a bucket without a lid on it?  Did you wonder why they didn’t put one on there since they could easily climb out?  It’s because the lower crabs keep reaching up and pulling down the top crab who is attempting to escape.  

You are the top crab looking to get out of the bucket.  All the naysayers in your life are the rest of the crabs attempting to grab you with their claws and pull you back into the bucket with them.  You have to believe you will escape the bucket or the other crabs will continue to hold you down.

For you to achieve any goal, you must first believe you can just like the top crab. This belief is key because you will undoubtedly have people who tell you what you are doing will never succeed.  

To be able to use these doubters as fuel to motivate you for the journey, you will want to believe in yourself.  If there is doubt in your head or heart, this kind of negative feedback from others can be devastating.  Essentially the other person is looking to program you to fail… or even worse, to quit.  

When you have a big vision and a huge why to accomplish it, make sure your belief is strong.  Surround yourself with others who will support you instead of drag you back into the bucket.  

Have you ever noticed the truly successful people in life encourage others to pursue their dreams?  They get it.  They know you must believe to achieve. 

Remember, every successful person has this one trait in common – an unending and devout belief they will succeed with any goal they have.  Follow their lead and start believing in yourself and your goals.  It is the keystone to build your success!


Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire

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