What gets you Pumped vs. What drags you Down

Motivators and De-Motivators

Before you can build a successful and sustaining business you need to realize some basic human qualities.

You must determine what are motivating factors for your life, for your business.  Ask yourself what:

  • gets me excited?
  • keeps moving me toward my goal?
  • makes me feel great about what I do? 

One of the first things we need to know when we’re talking about taking action internally and personally is:  Who we areHow we operate.

Understanding ourselves is a huge step towards actually activating the right circumstances and the right components. What motivates you? What de-motivates you? Do you know?

What could be considered a huge motivator is distinctly different from person to person. It is unique and very personal.  Individuals are NOT all motivated by the same things. 

Motivator = Unique and Personal

So, how do I get moving toward my principal target/goal?

If you’re taking action on your goals, you need to find a motivator that keeps you in process to continue to take action. Many find their motivator is in the form of a reward – at the end of their achievement level term.  The key is to find:

  • what Motivates you 
  • a way to sustain that excitement and energy 
  • a way to be accountable

What motivates you versus de-motivates you.” 

It’s different for everyone.  Positive feedback: I love you, you’re doing a great job, you’re terrific, etc., can be motivating for some.  For others, it develops into complacency.  Instant de-motivation – along with the feeling that they’re already doing enough. Which is it for you?

Ask yourself:  If everything is going smoothly, everyone is happy, is it time to rest on your laurels?  Do you respond better to urgent situations? Or do you shut down by being overwhelmed?

Knowing yourself is the Crux of it: Neither is right or wrong – which is effective for you?

Once you determine what gets you moving toward your goal, how do you sustain that enthusiasm?

Different people get motivated by different things.

For instance, in my past career, the management used to have these sales competitions. I was in manufacturer distribution and the manufacturers would have different contests on a national level for whomever sold the most, or for the top 5 or 10 distributors of the product. The winners would get different rewards. Sometimes these were a gift certificate to a store. Sometimes they would be jewelry for somebody in your family or yourself. You could get a coat or some other grand gift. They also had competitions where you could win trips, really nice trips – Different trips depending on the promotions.

Now for me, my motivation has always been simply to care for my family. That was, and is, my singular motivation.

My wife, however, is highly motivated by trips. I would show her the different promotions. The promotions that offered up a jet ski, or a boat, or something on those lines. She would go, “Eh,”  – that wouldn’t excite her. I would show her diamonds and diamond necklace. It wouldn’t excite her. As soon as I would show her a brochure for a promotion that was talking about a trip, “I’m going there! You’re winning this!” Every time one of the manufacturers had a trip for a promotion – every time – I won it! The reason I won – my motivation – was my wife and taking care of her. Her motivation was the trip. I showed her the trip. She would make sure I stayed on task. Every Single Day!

Do you think I realized she was motivated by trips?

In the future, I would deliberately show her the promotions on trips because I knew it would excite her. As soon it excited her, I knew she would stay on me, and keep me accountable. Which is what I needed to stay motivated. I realized the motivating factor was to show her a trip, and then she would keep me motivated. She would keep me on task. When my wife asked me every single day, “How are sales of that product going?” That meant more to me and kept me more accountable than my boss or a manager or somebody of authority saying, “How are those sales going?”.

To a manager, I might say, “Leave me alone.” To my wife, I would be much more responsive to her inquiry.

This whole story has to do with the fact that I learned who I was, and figured out how to activate the best me possible.

Find what makes you accountable by keeping that motivator in the forefront of your mind. I knew I was motivated by accountability by my loved ones. I know that I am highly motivated with accountability, or a component of accountability which is, my “word is my bond”. This means when I tell the world that I’m going to do something, the likelihood of it getting done is off the charts. I create accountability from everyone I can think of around me telling me what my goal is, what my principal target is because then I could never not do what I said, or I would lose face. I would lose integrity. I’m motivated to do it – no matter what.

Milestones must be planned out goals that you can track every single week. When there is anything that you are not able to track every single week, it loses its power over you, and you won’t do it. You must have weekly accountability.

These are some of the techniques and strategies, when we know ourselves, we simply create a strategy in our life that activates one or more of our motivators.

You must take Full Inventory of yourself to determine the factors that are your personal motivators and de-motivators. Find what best gets you moving in the right direction in your personal life, and in your business, and implement those motivators into your every day life.  Find within yourself, what will best sustain this motivation in you until you reach your short or long term goals. 

Remember to factor in accountability, whether it be to yourself, a loved one, your business, or to the world.  When you do these things you will create the magnitude you’ve always wanted in your life.

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Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire