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“Success, for most people, requires unlearning as much as learning.”– Orrin Woodward  

Are you open to unlearning ideas you have been taught and reinforced for years in your life?  This is immensely important in being able to create the change you want in your life.  

Your first teachers were your parents.  They taught you the best way they knew how at the time with the information they had available.  Now this kind of training can work well when you are Donald Trump and your parents were very successful already and able to show you how to do the same.  

Are your parents currently where you want to be in your future?  I know this can be a challenging question and it is an effective one.  If they have already achieved the goals you want to achieve in your life, then they are the perfect person to follow and emulate.

If what your parents have achieved is different from what you want, you must find someone else to learn from to get where you want to go.  When choosing a mentor, I always look for someone who has already achieved what I want to achieve.  Then I listen to exactly what they are guiding me to do to achieve what they already have and act on the guidance they have provided.

Taking what they say and internalizing it as part of you is your vehicle to success.  This is where the unlearning comes in.  

Most successful people have a very different set of beliefs than the average person.  This different set of beliefs and core values is one of the reasons your chosen mentor has succeeded already while you are still figuring out how to get there.  To achieve the same success, you will want to unlearn the unproductive thoughts and beliefs replacing them with the empowering beliefs and values they are teaching you.

The unlearning can at times cause conflict within you, especially when long held beliefs are the ones which need to be unlearned.  Eliminating the thoughts and beliefs which hold you back are what allows your new growth to take root and support you moving forward.  

You decide how successful you will be based on how accepting you are to unlearn the beliefs which hold you back and replace them with the empowering beliefs.  Are you ready to start unlearning your way to success?

Do It Different!

Paul Finck

The Maverick Millionaire

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