Hey everyone, Paul Finck here, the Maverick Millionaire, founder of the Maverick Selling System, and author of How to Become a Sales Maverick and Double Your Income.

I want to talk to you today about being a maverick. I’ve been told that I’m a maverick, and so I grabbed a hold of it, and became comfortable in that reference, became comfortable in that skin.

People have been sending me articles, sending me information about what it really means to be a maverick.  There is tons of research on it to the point where Time Magazine did an article not that long ago, about, making sure you have mavericks in your business; that you have mavericks on your team.

No matter how important it is to be a team player, and to build a community, it’s just as important, and sometimes even more important, to make sure that you’ve got those highly creative people right next to you creating the amazing results to make your company move to a whole another level.

People like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; these people are innovators, especially when they started off. They created an innovation that transcended their industry, transcended what was going on at the time, to create amazing results. They stepped outside of the box. I want to talk to you about what this particular article, and what other research has shown me as some of the Top 10 Core Traits of Being a Maverick and creating that greatness.

  1. You’ve got to be innovative, independent minded, individualistic. Not only look for that in yourself, look for that in other people on your team. You want them to be thinking on their own, and that way they can create a magnitude of results in a short period of time, simply by trusting their gut and moving forward.
  2. Mavericks are completely goal-focused, and I do mean completely goal focused. They create a goal and they go after it, regardless of anything else around them.
  3. They achieve success through risk taking. Taking risks, stepping outside of the box if you will.
  4. Breaking the rules. They absolutely, to step outside the box, they’ve got to break the rules.  When they’ve got a rule book, assume they’re going to break it; assume they’re going to step beyond those boundaries. Yet, when they do that’s when opportunity strikes.
  5. Mavericks are open to experience. What do I mean by that? They’re open to just enjoy, experience, test out new things. Whatever they haven’t done before, they’re willing to do right now, just to do it, for the sake of doing it.
  6. They’re also willing to stand their ground. Sometimes they’re called argumentative. Sometimes they just don’t fit in because they’re disagreeable. It’s because they have this willingness to stand their ground. When they know something is right, when they know it is true in their gut. When they know that is the direction we all need to be moving in, they will not falter, they will stand their ground and drive everyone to that same conclusion.
  7. They will move forward regardless of criticism. Regardless of other people being by their side, regardless of whether you decide they’re right or wrong, a maverick will move forward. They will not be faltered, they will not be halted by other people saying, “This can’t be done”, “you’re doing it wrong”, “you’re moving in the wrong direction”. They will absolutely grab a hold of that and go, “I got it, and I’m going for it anyway”. “I hear you and I’m going for it anyway”.
  8. Here is what’s interesting, they have low worriness factor. They don’t worry about consequences.  They don’t worry about failure.  They don’t worry about doing it wrong. They simply are moving forward regardless. That worriness factor, or being neurotic about it isn’t in the equation, and the lower that is, the higher their ability to be a maverick is. They just don’t get that anxious feeling in their body and in their soul.
  9. Mavericks are obviously highly creative. That probably should have been number 1. Highly creative in what they do. They’re always looking for the way it hasn’t been done before.  Let’s test it out. Maybe that’s the new way to do it.  They’re looking for the alternatives.
  10. They persevere. Mavericks never, ever, ever, ever give up.

Those are the top 10 that I have experienced and that I have seen, that help me to be a maverick, and might help all of you to do the same.  Not only embrace this for yourself, also look for it in your team members, because the more of us there are, the more we have a chance of changing the world.

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