Ever been in that situation where the client is closing the door in your face; where you know the sale is lost and you absolutely are not getting this client?  Absolutely, the prospect says no, no, no 100 times? 

I’m going to give you 5 great techniques where you can save that sale.  Where you can actually get back in the game and make sure that you’ve got another chance at closing that client.

1. Pre plan. Make sure that you’ve got a few different alternative closes. You should prepare a few alternative reasons why they should be purchasing from you. These are not just the standard ones, but a few deviations from that, so that when all else has failed, you start pulling out some major aces. Imagine it as if you have a utility belt, and all of these pieces that I’m talking about are all other pieces in your utility belt that you can use to attack this challenge. Absolutely, have the arsenal, have the alternative plans already.

2.  First of all, start packing up, start getting ready to go. It relieves the stress from them, where they know you’re not attacking them anymore, you’re not closing them anymore, you’re gone and they can relax.

Just as they’re relaxed, I want you to ask them, as you’re packing up your bags, ready to go, “Listen, Mr. Client, could you do me a favor?” Man, they’re happy to see you go, they’ve been strained this whole time, so they’re going to do whatever you ask. They’re going to say, “Of course, yes.” You’re going to say, “Would you please tell me what I did wrong? Tell me why you didn’t close? Why you didn’t buy in other words. Because it’s not for you, I just want to know so I can help the next guy, so I can help myself and help the next guy really get clear with what’s good with my program or my package and my services and help them out better.”

They will give you the answers, and what happens more often than not, is that they end up talking their way out of saying no. They actually talk their way into saying yes, simply by going through all of the things that you might have done wrong, and realizing how beneficial this product or service may actually be for them. Step number 2, absolutely, ask them what you did wrong, and they will tell you clearly and sell themselves.

3.  How many times is the client going to get you out the door by telling you, “I’m going to think it over.” Here’s what I want you to do whenever they say, “I’m going to think it over.” Realize it’s a lie, they’re never thinking it over, they’re not thinking about it one iota past the time when you leave that room. They’re done with the whole process, they didn’t want to tell you. Absolutely act as if that is a misnomer, it is a lie, it absolutely is meaningless, and just continue moving the conversation forward, bringing back some of these other techniques, going back into the reasons why they should be saying yes, why this is a great product or service for them. Understand that their idea of, “I’ll think it over,” is never to be thinking of it again. Consider it a lie and move forward accordingly.

4.  For some people this technique takes a little bit of a humility stance, because in technique number 4, I want you to accept all the blame. Do this by saying, “I must have done something wrong. I am so sorry, it’s all my fault that you didn’t understand the value and the benefit of doing service with me. Let me explain it one more time,” which just gave you permission to go through it again. Accept the fact that you didn’t do your job and express it to them, and they will give you the permission to go over it one more time, all over again. “I made a mistake, I must’ve done something wrong, it’s all my fault, let me explain it so that we’re both really clear.” Then you go through it again.

5. This technique is a doozy. We used to call this the Columbo close. There was a show, years ago, (maybe I’m aging myself) called “Columbo”. In it he was a detective, and he’d always have the murder suspect right on the edge, where he was in their presence and they thought they’ve gotten away with it, they’ve gotten away with the crime of the century, and this bumbling detective had no clue that they were actually the one that did it. He would let them think that, again, their guard would go down, and he’d be closing everything up and saying his goodbyes, and he’d go towards the door, and he’d have one hand on the door, opening the door just slightly, and then turn to the murder suspect and say, “Oh, by the way, Tuesday night, weren’t you at …” and he’d let go of this ace of a killer that would let the murder suspect know that they were caught.

We call this the “by the way” close, and the same technique can be utilized over and over again in your sales process. As you’re closing everything up, as you know this is a lost sale and there’s no chance that they’re going to buy from you, head to the door, put one hand on the door, and turn to the prospect and say, “By the way, do you realize the value or the benefit? Do you realize the magnitude of how much you’re losing by not taking action today?” You can go through the features or benefits of your product, your service one more time, utilizing that by the way close, letting their guard down, and one last time going through exactly why they should be your best client.

These are 5 techniques that you can be utilizing when you know this is a lost sale, when you know that the client is never going to buy from you.

Number 1, alternatives. Absolutely have an arsenal of alternative closes, an arsenal of alternative reasons why they need to be a client of yours.

Number 2, you want to be talking about, “Would you do me a favor?” Asking them for help on your next sale, and they’ll sell themselves.

Number 3, when they say, “I’ll think it over,” do not believe them. Stay and process, stay in the game.

Number 4, accept the understanding that it’s your fault, and express that to them, “It must be my fault that I’ve done something wrong,” and go through all the reasons why they should be a client of yours.

Number 5, “by the way” close. “By the way,” just as you’re leaving, and one last ditch effort to save that sale.

These are 5 techniques that you can utilize to save that lost sale. Use them, let me know your comments and questions on them, because I want to make sure that your sales are getting closed, and your business thrives.

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