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Enjoy your Paul’s Pick Me Up for this week:

“Success begins at extra mile.” – Yuikan Shirik 

How often do you go the extra mile to create your dream?  This is an easy one to talk about yet realistically, how often do you do it?

I hear so often about people’s goals and visions.  They have fantastic dreams of what they want their life to be at some point.  The disconnect comes when you start asking about the actions they are taking right now to create the results they want.

This is when the excuses start.  I’ve been really busy at work or taking care of the family’s latest emergency.  I’m waiting for my spouse/significant other/business partner/friend/etc. to be ready.  I need to make some money before I can jump over to do this.  I’m still studying how to do it.  An emergency came up this week.  Any of these sound familiar?

Now before you get worked up – and if you are, look inside yourself as to why you are having this reaction – there are really only two outcomes to any action —> results or excuses.  The sooner you embrace this, the faster you will create the success you want.  Every successful person has realized this and is why they rarely accept excuses.  The ability to rationally view outcomes this way why so few are truly successful. They let the excuses and the emotion of them slow down their progress.

Here’s the challenge for the next 30 days.  Every time what would be an excuse for falling short pops up, ask yourself how can you still make this action happen.  You are a problem solver.  You always find the answer to your question.  You do whatever it takes to achieve your action steps.  Now go the extra mile to find the solution you want to reach the result you intended! 

At the end of the 30 days, review what you have accomplished.  When you take this challenge on fully focusing on eliminating the excuses, your results will improve.  It is the only outcome possible. 

Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

P.S. And to really turbo-charge your success, find one extra action step you can take each day toward your principle targets.  It may seem small and over a year this creates another 365 steps toward your goals.  This is the extra mile I am talking about!

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