Hi. Paul Finck here, founder of the Maverick's Selling System, and author of, "How to Become a Sales Maverick and Double Your Income.”

Are you new to sales?

Trying to figure it out?

Haven't quite gotten the traction that you're looking for?

You want to increase your results?

I've got 4 simple steps that anyone just getting going will absolutely be able to apply and implement immediately to create double, to triple your results in sales right now!

I want to really get clear. You're brand new to sales. You're looking to figure it out. Maybe it's your own business. You've got the manager breathing down your neck. Here's 4 key components ~ 4 tips ~ of exactly what to be doing so that you can increase your results and create everything you want.

Step 1 ~ absolutely track your actions, not your results. What do I mean by that? So often, I hear, "Well, my goal is…“, “My target is…”,  “My level of sales I need to achieve is…”, what follows is the actual number, which means, "Oh, I need $5000 in sales this day” or “this week”. “I need to create so many new clients.” Those are results driven. You wake up in the morning, and you are not sure exactly what to do, because the results aren't really what you're supposed to be taking action on. It's your action steps for the day that should be your focus. What I want you to do is to begin to track and pay attention to simply what you must be doing, and the results will take care of themselves.

I remember when I was in dental sales, for instance, I knew I wanted to knock on 25 new doors every single day. I knock on 25 new doors, I will absolutely get the sales I want and reach the levels I'm looking for. That was my number. I hit 25, and I'd pat myself on the back. When I am at 20, what do I do? I simply hit another door. I would knock on 1 more, 2 more, 3 more, and keep going until I hit the number that I was looking for, that I was tracking for with my activity every day. Absolutely ~ track activity, not results.

Step 2 ~ as a new sales person, you are nervous. You are shaking. You get in front of a client and you just start vomiting at them. You start delivering everything that you have learned about your product, or service. You say everything that you know. Wrong. You should Shut up. Simply listen more. Talk less. Ask more questions. Engage them more in conversations. Let them talk more. When they talk more, they love you more. When they love you more, they buy more. Absolutely listen more than you talk. Key component for new people in sales. It will deliver results for you. Pay attention.

As you're listening, make sure that you are listening for the needs and the wants of your client, because that's what you want to deliver as your solution. When you do,  it will mean that they're going to buy your product or service. That's the solution you're offering. Make sure that that solution is matching their needs and their wants. That's what you're listening for. When you are quiet, and you're asking questions, engaging them, you're listening for the needs and wants, so that you then can respond with a solution that fits them.

Step 3 ~ This is a biggie. When I am actually in the role of the client, or the prospect for someone, and they're looking to engage me in the sales process, I'm always amazed at how few people ask for the order. You have got to ask.

    • You want to deliver results?
    • You want to create new business in your life?
    • You have got to ask for the order!

Ask for the order is step three. Ask for it soon. Ask for it often.  Ask. Ask. Ask.

What does that look like? It actually means, “So, are you ready to get started today?”. “Here is the price of what it's going to take for us to get going. Can I have your name and address?” “We can just start filling up the paper work right now, and get you started on achieving the benefits that you've already said you desired.” All these are questions asking for the order; asking them, the client, the prospect, to take action, so important. You want to be asking soon, often, always.

Step 4 ~ You have just asked for the order. Now, it is time for you to get comfortable with silence. Complete silence. You ask for the order, and you say, "So, are you ready to get started today?" and Shut up. Don't say another word. Be silent. That pregnant pause, if you will; That pause will last for an eternity when you are brand new in sales. You will think the world has stood still. You will be standing there. They are waiting for you to say something. Maybe they are, maybe not. You're going to out-wait them, because whoever speaks next will absolutely be the one who creates the scenario which dictates who gets what. You want to absolutely shut up. Don't say anything else once you ask for the order. Let them respond first. You will create the desired results you're looking for. Just Shut up.

The 4 tips are absolutely:

    • Track your actions;
    • Listen up for their needs and their wants, their desires, so you can deliver them;
    • Ask for the order, and;
    • Shut up when you ask for that order.

To create all the results that you're looking for as a brand new sales person to be able to double and triple your income, stay tuned. This information will create it for you.

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Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again soon.  Watch for the next video training.

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    This article really brings to light the issues that people face on a day to day basis


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