WOW – I guess I am a “Maverick” – the response to the question I asked through social media has been amazing both online and off line. 

People from my personal life and my professional world have all come back with the same response – “absolutely” ~ “no question” ~ “you always have been” ~ “no kidding you are a Maverick, you have bucked the system your whole life”. 

I think back over my 30 year career and realize that is the one word that would define it all … from the very beginning! My first job out of college was a salaried position with a small bonus for sales completed… I quit after 7 weeks to go to the competition who paid straight commission!

With that position, I grew fast and within 6 months had my best friend working for me.  I figured out my strengths and, more importantly, my weaknesses!

I was good at opening new accounts and yet had challenges with follow through.  Instead of beating myself up or looking to spend time changing so I could grow to mediocre in the follow through department, I brought in someone who was GREAT at follow through.  What a great experience we had building it up as a team… which just was NOT done by any of my peers.

Then – the company I was working for was forced out of business (by the Feds ~ longer tale for another day).  Instead of ignoring the obvious or crying over the loss of a job or position like most of my co-workers, I saw an opportunity. 

Within 2 weeks had my first major company launched.  Because I took action (a Maverick move compared to the actions taken by all around me), the TOP salespeople all came to work for me. Remember these were senior, straight commission salespeople and I was a 22 year old playing CEO for the first time.  In 6 months, we did over $500,000 in gross sales.

Over the years, I have owned more businesses that I can remember; Stepped up when others didn’t; Took action while others watched; Took the road less traveled; Dared to test out a theory and take the BOLD move; and simply learned to dance to my own beat. 

Thirty years now with a Serial Entrepreneurial life… and lifestyle;

30 years of being told to get a real job;

30 years of people saying “that isn’t going to work”;

30 years of people commenting on my behavior and not quite getting what I was up to;

30 years of consistently taking “risks” they wouldn’t take;

30 years of bucking the status quo.

SO I am a Maverick! What has it gotten me…

A life long career of experience that has given me a long, varied and impressive resume. 

Freedom to work out of my house for decades and Time to enjoy my family. 

Financial Power … now this is different from Financial Freedom I hear so many wish for.  Financial Power is active and passive income that is produced on your terms with NO “strings” to tie you in knots.  Financial Power truly enables me to do what I want, when I want, and how I want… I have created Financial Power now and for the rest of my life.

SO I am a Maverick!  Who wants to be a Maverick with me???

And this gives me an idea.  Stay tuned.  I know you are going to love what’s coming next…