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“Fast decisions produce fast results, and I want fast results – thus I decide” – Paul Finck  

How quickly do you make decisions?  Is it right away or is it a process in most cases?  This varies in many people – except successful entrepreneurs.  With successful entrepreneurs, they make their decisions quickly with only up to 30% of the available information.  It’s one of the keys to their success.

Think about this – have you ever gone to McDonalds or another fast food restaurant to order something to eat?  When you get up to the clerk, you stand there staring at the menu going over the options, unsure of what to eat.  You keep reading down the menu over and over until you finally order something you have ordered many times before.  Now the menu is relatively the same as it has ever been.  Why the hesitation and indecisiveness… especially with something you are already familiar with?   

Successful entrepreneurs have learned this indecisiveness like our fast food restaurant example slows down the results you get in your life and business.  What’s the worst thing that could happen if you made a quick choice in the McDonalds line?  You get a sandwich or salad which wasn’t your favorite meal.  The purpose for most at a fast food restaurant is to get something fast and easy.  If you want a high quality meal, you would be making a different choice anyway.  Then why waste the extra time?  

Entrepreneurs have trained their decision-making muscle to act quickly.  Training yourself is all it takes to improve how quickly you choose.  Practice making fast decisions.  Allow yourself 30 seconds at a restaurant to make a decision.  You begin to analyze information faster strengthening this much needed fast-decisions-making muscle.  This will then start to carry over into the other decisions you make.

Taking tons of time to analyze and make a decision really doesn’t mean the decision will be any more correct than making the same decision faster.  The faster decision does mean you have the opportunity to enjoy the result sooner or make adjustments to get the results you want earlier.  Either way, you get your results faster.

Start practicing making fast decisions in your life.  You will love how much faster you achieve the results you want in your life.  And the added bonus is by making fast decisions, you will actually get to more opportunities to create even larger success because you have the additional time to find them.


Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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