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“I’m either growing or dying – There is no state of standing still.” – Paul Finck  

What are you doing in your life now – growing or dying?  Why am I unable to be just maintaining and staying in the same spot you ask.  This is a different concept for many to grasp since many figure they are happy just staying at the level they are now in their life.  Their is a huge challenge in this thinking.

Think about it as if you are a tree among other trees in a clearing all starting out at about the same height.  As a tree, you decide to stop growing for right now and maintain your current height because it fits you well.  You are tall enough.  You just want to enjoy some of your surroundings.  You are happy and comfortable.

Well the other trees keep right on growing as you just hang out at your current height.  Soon, they are much taller than you.  Their leaves block out the sun.  Their roots are deeper and spread out further so they absorb more of the nutrients and water from the soil.  The other trees are taking all the elements necessary for you to live.  You decide you want to grow now to take your place among the rest of the trees.  

Unfortunately, the other trees have gotten so big around you, there is no way to grow any longer.  And worse yet, they are taking all the resources you need to even maintain yourself at the height you are at now.  The only thing left to happen is for you to slowly wither and die.  So when you as the tree made a choice to just maintain yourself, you unconsciously made the choice to die.  

This same reality plays out in the world every day when people or companies to choose to be happy and comfortable with where they are right now.  If you stop growing, sooner or later, you will end up dying just like the tree.  Which do you want in your life?  You are consciously or unconsciously making this decision every day.  Choose wisely.  Your life depends on it.


Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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