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Enjoy your Paul’s Pick Me Up for this week:
“I can only control me.” – Paul Finck  

Please read today’s Pick Me Up again.  Now think about how you run your life.  

  • Do you stress over whether others do what you think they should do?  
  • Have you ever almost pushed someone down the highway in your car because they were going too slow?  
  • Or have you ever gotten so frustrated because a client, employee or partner didn’t do what you expected them to do in the time frame you expected it?  
  • Did you ever get upset because someone didn’t do a task the exact way you would have done it?
  • Have you ever said it’s hard to find good employees, partners or clients when you’ve been disappointed by one of the same?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are very much like many entrepreneurs I know.  They expect people to do any action the way they would… and when they don’t, the frustration and stress level shoot up quickly.  Do you realize why?  

You got it – they want to control the result of the activity.  

Now this is nearly impossible in most circumstances because you are working with people.  People are all different and process their decisions differently.  Would you like to know the key to reducing this stress?  Just repeat today’s Pick Me Up.  The only part of this world you can control is you.  

The biggest influencer on your happiness and success is how you act and react to any situation.  It’s your choice in every interaction.  You choose whether to allow an outside activity to affect you at that moment.  When you control your reaction and emotions, you will be much more successful in all areas of your life.  

How you react = Your Success.

Why you ask.  The more emotional you get about any action, the less intelligent you get because the emotions override the intellect.  They work inversely to each other. A raised level of emotions, lowers the level of intelligence being used at that moment.  When you choose to stay calm and choose to release the stress and frustration, you are able to make much more intelligence driven choices versus emotion driven choices.   This is controlling you.  

Are you ready to be more effective in your daily life?  Remember and repeat today’s Paul‘s Pick Me Up any time you start thinking “they should have…”.  This controls the only area you can control consistently.



Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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