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“What I visualize I energize!” – Paul Finck 

Have you taken the time to visualize the results you want in your life in the last week? If not, when was the last time you did?  Are you getting the results you want as fast as you want?

One of the processes which has helped me immensely in my success is visualization.  When you visualize the results you want in vivid detail including the emotions you feel, what you see, how everything smells, what you hear your mind sees it as already having happened.  Now the important part is involving as many senses as possible.  The more senses the more real your mind perceives it as having happened.

When your mind sees the results you want as already happening, your mind believes it is possible to do again since it has already happened once.  This is the same result achieved by athletes who practice over and over the same action so their body and mind get used to seeing, feeling, touching and experiencing the result they want.  

After visualization, when you encounter the opportunities to create this exact results, your mind will recognize them and help you step into them since it knows the result.  This will energize your progress forward creating your success faster.

I use this consistently in my life to create the results I want and have for years.  Make sure to ask me about it at our next Mindset Mastery Experience event so I can share even more with you.  

Are you ready to energize your results?  Start making visualization a part of your daily action items.

Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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