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“Education costs money.  But then so does ignorance.” – Sir Claus Moser

Do you continually invest in yourself every year?  The most successful people in the world are constantly investing in themselves.  They continue to read, study, and get coached by others.   

When I first learned the most successful business owners never stopped learning and investing in themselves, I made the commitment to take the same steps they do.  In my life, I have invested over $250,000 in my education – not counting college.  This is the reason I have created the life I have today.  

 Many would say this is way too much to spend on your education, especially on top of the college education.  The one key to my success I am sure of is without this continued investment to learn what I didn’t know – and oftentimes, didn’t even know I didn’t know – there is no way I would have created the amazing life I lead now.  How many opportunities would I have missed in my life because I wasn’t even aware they were there until I received the education and training to identify them.  

 This would have been a tremendous cost in missed opportunity not only for myself.  It would have been a huge cost for my family because I would never have been able to show them how to create the life they want.  

 Sounds like a much higher price to me if I would have let the educational investments keep me from moving forward.  Which cost would you rather incur in your life?

Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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