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Enjoy your Paul’s Pick Me Up for this week:
“Cut your excuses in half and double your actions around your goals.” – Robin Sharma 

Do you want to fast track your success?  Are you ready to do something different to get something different in your life?  One of the fastest ways to jump start your success in all areas of your life is to take action on today’s quote. 

In life there are one of two outcomes to any action – excuses or results.  When you cut your excuses in half, your results go up.  They have what is called an inverse relationship.  When one rises the other falls.  

The average person comes with a list of excuses when an action is left unfinished.  Just think of some of your interactions with others when they have come up short.  They always have a reason.  When you are ready to step your game up to the next level, eliminating the excuses in your life is one of the best ways to make dramatic, noticeable improvement quickly.

The reason why dropping the excuses makes such a large difference is you now will step up your actions to ensure you accomplish the outcome desired.  You have eliminated the excuse clause in your life.  By eliminating the excuses, you create a will do attitude to drive you to find solutions to challenges when they arise.  This “how can I” viewpoint will serve you well and increase your results dramatically.

Eliminating the excuses will cause you to double your actions.  It feeds this commitment perfectly since you will want to take more action to create your results to avoid the excuse monster.  When you take more actions, you will inevitably achieve more success.  When you achieve more success, the reliance on excuses goes down.  It creates a vicious success cycle which keeps feeding on itself.  

Are you ready to start your own success cycle?  When you answer yes, cut the excuses in half and double the actions.  Time to get excited about the results coming to you soon!


Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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