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“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” – Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt  

Have you ever heard someone say they would do something after another result happens?  Often it’s along the lines of I’ll get started in my business, once I get through this busy time at work or once I have enough money to get started or once this family emergency is over.  There are always excuses as to why it’s not the perfect time… or the perfect location… or perfect financial situation.  And they are always available if you choose to use them.  

Every successful entrepreneur knows the biggest step toward success is getting started no matter what else is happening at the specific time.  They know the only perfect time to do anything is right now.  

Why are they so willing to just step forward and take action?  They realize that looking for the perfect time is only a procrastination technique.  If you are waiting for the perfect storm of circumstances to occur before you take action, it will rarely, if ever, occur.  

They also know in their business, there will be challenging times which pop up.  To succeed, they will need to rise to and solve these challenges.  Knowing this already, why would they let a challenge at the beginning hold them back?  

Take the view that when you are passionate about an idea, the best time to take action is today.  Get started with the resources you have available now and find whatever else it is you need.  It will lead you to your desired result much faster.


Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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