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“You think intelligence and grit can succeed by themselves, but I’m telling you that’s a pretty illusion.”
-Nancy Kress  

Have you ever met someone who was very smart, yet never really achieved the success they should have?  

Or have you met someone who worked really hard, yet still never succeeded the way they wanted?  

I have even met people who had both intelligence and a great work ethic with a never quit attitude who still were missing something to get them to their goals.  I know many who feel that those who possessed these two traits were sure bet to succeed.  Why was this false?

 I have found over the years there is much more to being successful.  The key part of this quote is the phrase “by themselves”.  Now this part of working for yourself is one reason why many become an entrepreneur.  They feel they want their freedom and can do it better than anyone else.  They get into business being the lone ranger being everything from the chief to the cook to the bottle washer as the saying goes.  Sound familiar for anyone you know? 

 I used to be the same way.  I used to take care of as much as possible myself.  I achieved some success, yet never the freedom I was truly looking for.  This is because all I had created was a higher paying job for myself.  Not exactly the lifestyle I envisioned when I started. 

I realized after talking with my mentors I was lacking a key component to create the life I wanted – I needed a team!  With a team, I was able to leverage their time, their abilities, their commitment, their ideas.  I was able to reach more people.  Provide more value.  Solve more challenges.  Spend more time doing the activities which grow the business as opposed to just maintaining  my existing business.  Having a strong team is one of the keys in growing from a being a solo-preneur to being an actual business.

This realization and action steps taken toward creating this is what allows me the time to balance my life.  I get to spend time with my family.  I get to take off when I want.  I’m able to take care of my health.  I get to enjoy the lifestyle I had always envisioned when I thought of successful people.  Is this part of what your vision of success looks like to?

When it is, take a lesson from my path to success.  All the intelligence and grit in the world will get you only so far on your journey.  Adding in other components like building a strong team is important to have the impact to truly reach the success you always dreamed.  Time to start figuring out what team members will help your business grow.

Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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