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Enjoy your Paul's Pick Me Up for this week:
“Success goes to the ones who do. Get up. Show up. Throw up if you have to. Do it afraid, but do it no matter.” - Toni Sorenson
Do you 'just do it' everyday in your life and business?  Or do you get sidetracked and let obstacles slow you down consistently?

One of the reasons successful entrepreneurs are successful is they just do it without any excuses.  They make sure they put themselves in the position to find new opportunities every day.  Whether this is sending out marketing, attending meetings, making phone calls, going to networking events, or one of many other action steps, they make the effort to get out and meet prospective customers daily.

They also show up ready to take advantage of every opportunity which appears.  This means they have done their homework and put in the effort ahead of time.  They know their business and how they can help others.  

Successful entrepreneurs show up with a positive attitude viewing every interaction as the opening to figure out how to serve the other person best.  Sometimes this is through what services they have and other times, it's through referring the person to one of their contacts.

And the biggest key trait is a determination and a motivation to do whatever it takes every day.  This means when an obstacle arises, they find a solution to it.  They utilize their resources to help them continue moving forward.  They embrace any fears knowing this just means they are growing and doing new actions outside their comfort zone and that's part of all growth.  They 'Just Do It'!

 Are you willing to be a successful entrepreneur and just do it?  It's what is necessary to achieve all you want to achieve.  Embrace this mantra now to create the life you want and deserve.

Breaking Your Chains!

Paul Finck

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