Happy New Year!

The holidays were great. I had some wonderful family time. I got a chance to unwind, relax, and reflect on the year (and years) past.

NOW it is time to plan for the future! What am I going to do with this fresh new year?

It is a funny thing that happens when we start a new calendar year. It is like getting a new pair of shoes, a new shirt, or a new car. We are so proud of it. We admire it. Hold it up to the light to really see it for all it is. We may give it that extra love and care, spending a few extra moments with just it. We proclaim how much it means to us. We even dedicate that with this new ____ (pair of shoes, shirt, car, new year, fill in the blank), we will treat it differently than any other we have ever had. We will care for it, cherish it, and protect it. We will make sure it never gets like the others.

We commit to being different!

AND… we are… for a time.

Sometimes that time is a day,… a week,… a month,… And then it happens – Days will go by and your “life happens”. You will lose track of the time. You will lose your focus. The ____ (pair of shoes, shirt, car, new year, fill in the blank) lose their attraction. The old excuses begin to set in. Your story you have told yourself over and over again in years past begins it methodical melody in your head which soothes you back to…

Doing exactly what you always have done…

Creating the results you have always gotten!


You can decide to do things differently.

You can decide to commit even more profoundly. You can decide that this is the year you BREAK The CHAINS that have bound you for years (for some decades). You can decide to bring in the resources, tools, people needed to finally reach a new height in your life on the ongoing journey to your ultimate potential.


What is it going to take? What new resources do you need? What new tools are necessary? What people do you want by your side? What is it going to take to make this year the best year ever? What is it going to take to really make the magic happen?

Take the time to create this list for your first step to create a new year for yourself… and even more importantly, a new life from here on out!

(Paul Finck is a Master Coach whom works with individuals all over the country to answer these important questions in business and life; and then assists in creating and implementing the game plan needed to follow through with the new found commitment. When you want to create different results in your life or your business, contact paul at paul@paulfinck.com or attend one his many seminars around the country www.paulsevents.com)