It is well known that Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors from American History. He invented over 2000 inventions in his lifetime. What most people don’t know is that Edison didn’t actually create all those inventions himself. He created a team of people who worked for him. They did the hands on work. You see, he gave his team members the freedom to work to the fullest potential of their abilities so that they could make major contributions to the team. It was the team members of Edison that accomplished a majority of the tough and complicated experiments. Edison played the role as a team leader and operated his team well. And reaped the rewards!

There is no doubt that Edison was a great scientist. However, what was it that enabled him to become one of the most famous scientists of all time?… He created himself as an excellent team leader.

To create abundant success, it takes more than any one person can create on their own. Especially with the development of information, computerization, and the global economy, the need for quality team play is becoming more and more important and significant. As a consequence, you MUST learn to be a quality team leader when you want to create success.

What is your role as a quality team leader?

1. Create an environment of enthusiasm and initiative for your members.
2. Give them the authority and freedom to work to their fullest potential

The “HOW” is the more elusive part.


The first and most important step that I see most people miss is you want to create a vision. Not just any vision. A vision that is large enough for everyone to buy into – a vision large enough for everyone to be able to be a part of it. You want to create a vision that everyone can see themselves as part of it sometime in the future.


Then you must share it. Share it with your team. Bring everyone together and paint them a picture of the future of the company, and their part in it. Then, have individual meetings with each and share the vision again with each. Lay out to them where they fit in the big picture.

“Great”. “I have done that – Now what?”


Do it over, and over, and over again. Every time you talk to your team you must share the vision. Every time you email them, or send out a company communication, you want to remind them of the vision. Make it a part of the company community. Make it a part of who they are.

This is how to create yourself as a leader. This is how to create yourself as a great team leader. Use these techniques to create the foundation to all you want, and you will find that wealth and success is waiting right around the corner for you.