Are you ready for today’s Chain Breaker’s Challenge – Day 2?

Congratulations on accepting the Chain Breakers Challenge for another day! Keep stepping up daily to create the change you want to see in your life.

Watch today’s Chain Breaker Challenge video below.

The Challenge to Get Rid of It. Just think how much more relaxed and effective you will be when you take the opportunity to tackle this challenge head on.

Let us know what happens during your time away from the TV and if you are going to take this on for the 30 days of the Chain Breakers Challenge.

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Now make sure to post your results to Facebook and tag ‘chainbreakerclub’ and add the hash tag ‘#chainbreakerchallenge’.

Keep on stepping up daily to accept the CB Challenge.

Breaking Your Chains,
Paul Finck

P.S. To see the initial post on the process for the Chain Breakers Challenge, click here.