When we study the lives of those that have achieved excellence in any walk of life we discover many common characteristics:

• Hard work,
• Dedication,
• A natural inclination,
• Talent that has been developed and perfected over time, and
• Powerful supporting beliefs.

Why is it that some have big bright futures stretching out in front of them, while many see their future as down right dark, gloomy and unclear? Why is it that some lead lives of outstanding achievement, while so many lead lives of quiet desperation?

When someone describes their future as down right dark, gloomy and unclear, and I was to ask them to imagine their future, the image would be dark and gloomy and unclear. When I ask the person with the huge bright future stretching out in front of them to describe their future, I would not be at all surprised to hear that the image was big and bright. We would I’m sure find a similar pattern in the internal dialogue of these two people; one being more negative, and the other positive, strong, confident and encouraging. We would also find distinct differences in the types of feelings each of them generate and experience.

So to really grasp the understanding of what the structure of excellence really is, we must embrace the power of our minds. Specifically, the power of our mind to control our future. In fact, not just control it. Our mind actually has the power to CREATE it in the image we desire. Our world – our very destiny is determined by the kind and type of pictures, sounds and feelings that we habitually run in our neurology.

So could it really be that simple? Could the difference between those that live lives of quiet desperation, and those that are able to get themselves to consistently do what is necessary for the achievement of excellence be as simple as the types of pictures, feelings and sounds they habitually use? I give you a resounding YES as the answer!

Remember – You are in control. You can decide to create the empowering pictures, sounds, images, and associated feelings in your neurology to create the REAL WORLD you live in daily. Excellence is within your grasp! The choice is yours – take it today.

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