If you are a business owner who wants to create a more profitable business, this is the most exciting and important message you will ever read.

As a successful business owner myself, I have seen many people buy the latest and greatest home study training figuring it has all the answers they need to take their business to the next level.

They are all excited when they see what is marketed as “the final piece” to create the success they have longed for through the past few years. You know what I mean. You have seen speakers in person… or on a webinar… or heard a recorded call or video… or looked over a website. Heck, I have seen them before myself many times over the years.

Their home study course is offered as the final answer to your challenge of:

  • The right education and training to teach you the nuts and bolts of your business
  • The perfect system to help structure your business
  • The latest marketing tool or strategy to bring in more customers
  • New markets to offer your products to create additional income

Any of these sound familiar? The challenge most times is this product is only one small piece of the puzzle. And as you know, one small piece is rarely the answer, right?

In fact, it’s usually multiple different pieces put together in the correct way to quantum leap your business to the next level. You are interested in stepping up to the next level of success in your business this year, right?

What Are these Steps Up for a Business Owner?

Let me explain what I mean by steps up:

  • an employee with a job steps up to a business owner/entrepreneur/solopreneur. This many times means starting a business in your field or specialty – doctor, lawyer, plumber, electrician, real estate investor, consultant.
  • a business owner/entrepreneur/solopreneur steps up to a small business with employees. This step is when you start to form a team of employees, joint venture partners or contractors to service larger sized clients or a larger number of clients at once.
  • a small business with employees steps up to a medium sized business with multiple locations and multiple levels of management. This is the level where you step up to multiple locations and may involve multiple regions of the country at once.

Each of these levels requires a new and different set of skills. Which of these is your next step?

First Step

When you step out of being an employee working for someone else to being an entrepreneur, you must learn so many different new skills to be successful:

time management
goal setting
specific product and industry knowledge
marketing funnels and tactics
fulfillment of the product or service
customer service
legal structures, contracts and protection from liability
accounting systems

Any of these look familiar? There are so many new areas to learn at this step. Is it any wonder most new businesses fail?

Second Step

And for the solopreneur stepping up to being a small business, they are:

creating operational structures and systems
choosing the right team members
joint ventures
human resources
staff management
future planning
acquiring funding
multiple marketing campaigns through various media partnering
new legal structures and processes
increased accounting and audit procedures
… and this list goes on and on too.

One of the most common challenges at this step is the owner often makes the same amount of money they do at the previous level because the structures and knowledge are still at the entrepreneur level. Who wants a larger business, more responsibility, more work, and more commitment for the same income in the end?

Not me… and I would be willing to bet, not you either.

Third Step

When looking at the step up from small business to medium-sized business, there are a whole new set of skills, processes and structures to put in place too. Many times, this level requires new upper level management with advanced skill sets to transition effectively.

This third level’s new needed skills are varied depending on the business and the owner to an even greater degree. Since this is a much smaller group of business owners, I’m going to save time by reserving more of the details for this level. If this is you, make sure to pay attention for what is coming later in the email.

The Money Translation

One of the easiest ways to break the steps down is through the income levels. Just think of it this way:

Level 1- solopreneur – zero to low to mid- six figure income
Level 2- small business – six figures to million dollar income
Level 3- medium sized business – million dollar to multi-million dollar income

Where are you at now? Which level do you want to be at this year?

Now for the most important question, do you have the skills needed to step up to the next level?

Think about that for a moment because the answer may not be as obvious as you think. Are the skills to become an entrepreneur making six figures the same as those of an employee?

Are the skills to become a million dollar business the same as a six figure entrepreneur?

Are the skills to become a multi-million dollar business the same as a million dollar business?

Of course the skills are different for each new step up. If they weren’t, you would easily achieve any higher level once you had a base set of skills, right?

The Key Difference Among the Levels

The key change to jump to your next level of success is the way you, as the business owner, think. For each one of these levels, your mindset and focus are entirely different.

From doing just about everything yourself as an solopreneur… to creating teams and processes as a small business owner… to creating and leading multiple divisions toward the same goal as a medium-sized business owner, the mindset and focus are completely different.

Knowing this, have you ever seen a home study business or real estate product which can show you all of the different aspects which create your next success level in your business? Me neither! I don’ think it would be possible. Too many different variables with each business and each different owner for a one-sized fits all course.

What I have found is I have figured out what it takes to move up to the level you want to be at next.

You see, I have already stepped myself and my businesses up multiple times over my 27+ years as an entrepreneur and multiple business owner. I have the business experience to show you what you need and how to make it to the next step for yourself, almost immediately.

I don’t offer a one-size fits all, cookie cutter, home study program which will solve all your business needs. I know your business is unique, just like your skills needed to step up to the next level are specific to you. Wouldn’t you like a mentor to be able to show you what you need to move full-speed ahead?

I have created a perfect way to do this for you. And the best part is, it will only cost you your time to learn what I am teaching. Sound like a too-good-to-be-true offer?

For you, as one of my friends, I’m offering a limited number of tickets to this 3-day event, the Mindset Mastery Experience, coming up in February. This event sells on my website for $2997.00. Are you ready for the kicker?

I am offering this ticket at no cost to you.

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You read it right, it’s all me, all event. It’s NOT a sell-a-thon with a new speaker every 90 minutes. Think how many questions you will be able to get answered by me. Think how valuable this time is to quantum leap your business forward. You will really get to know me, I will know you and, as long as you participate, will help you individually step your business up to the next level. Work for you?

I know you are going to be thanking me profusely once you have attended this 3-day event. I always over-deliver on the training side at my events. If you want to hear what others have to say about working with me,just check it out here.

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