Happy New Year!

With it being the start of the year, I know you are setting your goals for 2014.

This is one of the areas I work with my students on consistently to build the foundation they need for success… and today I am going to share some of those key points to help you get off to a great start for 2014.

When you are creating your goals for 2014, they need to have 3 Key Criteria to make them powerful for you.

1. Be specific – The more detailed you are with your goal, the better you know exactly what you want. When you know exactly what you want, it is easy to put a plan in place to achieve it.

2. Quantifiable/measureable – there has to be a way to measure or quantify your goal. Number of pounds you want to lose. Body fat percentage you want to achieve. A certain number of times to work out each week. These are all different ways to measure getting into better physical shape. Each has an actual number to use when measuring success. Make sure to choose one way to measure each goal.

3. Deadline – when will this goal happen? When you have a hard deadline, you are more likely to reach your goal. Without a deadline, the goal is just an idea to be completed at one point, some day in the future. Set your deadline to increase the likelihood your goal will happen.

For each goal you have, you must have all 3 of these criteria. What I find with many goals is they are missing one or more of these criteria.

Think for a minute on goals you previously set for your life. Did the goal have all three of these criteria?

Did you achieve the goal?

If you did not, the place to start to make your goals effective is implementing these criteria. You do want to achieve your goals when you set them, correct?

Take a look at what you have created for your 2014 goals. Do they each cover the 3 Key Criteria? If not, there is no better time than the present to solidify them.

If you are struggling when you sit down to create your goals and would like some assistance, come to my next Mindset Mastery Experience event. Get the next dates by clicking here.

I spend focused time working with you on your goals at this event. This is your opportunity to ensure your 2014 is built on a solid foundation. Make your goals a strong foundation for your 2014 success.

Make sure to watch for the next post with techniques to explode your success with your 2014 goals.