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Today I want to focus on the second type of person at my events:

Those of you who have all the knowledge to begin the next step up in your life, yet still have taken little to no action on the knowledge.

Have you said or thought any of these?

  1. I’m almost ready to start my business.  I just need a little more information on ____________.
  2. What happens if I make a mistake or fail?
  3. My product is almost finished or ready to market.  I just have a few adjustments to make before starting.
  4. What if I don’t know what to do next?
  5. I’m ready to start, but something always seems to pop up and stops me from getting started.

Any of these sound familiar?

Thought they might.

Let’s run through these mindset obstacles and limiting beliefs to get you moving on your journey to success now.

Starting with #1 above – I’m almost ready to start my business.  I just need a little more information on ____________. This one is a key indicator you are an analysis paralysis victim.  You have heard me tell you the most successful CEO’s in the country make decisions based on only 30% of the available information.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, there will never be a point when you have every bit of information on a topic.  Even when you do think you have it all, someone else has already done it differently.  It’s the information age.  The information continues to come in all the time.

One of the most powerful training pieces I do at my Mindset Mastery Experience event focuses on making quick decisions and how much more you will accomplish over your entire lifetime taking action versus gathering tons of information.

Now the reason #1 can be such a big obstacle is because there can be a deeper mindset obstacle like #2 – What happens if I make a mistake or fail?
This comes directly from what we are taught as children by our parents and teachers – the need to always be right.  It’s how we are judged with grades in school.  One of the first pieces I learned when I started studying successful people is they all make mistakes.  It’s part of the process.
To succeed, you have to “fail” at some point.  It’s how you internalize this failure which creates the limiting belief.  Successful people look at the available data after a failure and make a decision.  Either they adjust what they are doing to change the result or they make the decision to move on to the next opportunity.
Look at it this way, what is the worst thing that could happen with your decision? Successful people look at this and decide if they can live with the consequences.  When I am good with either consequence, I move forward accepting the fact I might fail in my result.
Remember, Thomas Edison failed over 1000+ times when inventing the light bulb.  He viewed it as knowing multiple ways not to invent the electric light.  How can you reframe the results you may not like?

Moving on to #3 – My product or business is almost finished or ready to market. I just have a few adjustments to make before starting.

This statement is a dangerous one to make and follow since you are looking for everything to be perfect before putting it out there.  Why is this dangerous? More than likely after receiving market feedback you will be adjusting it again anyway.  At this point you are delaying the needed feedback.

If Bill Gates and Microsoft had followed this, we would still be waiting for Windows as an operating system.  He put a good product out and has continued to upgrade it.  And guess what.  He makes billions more each time he makes these changes.  You are missing out on the additional opportunity while you perfect your product or service.

And have you ever thought this after seeing a product or service – Darn it!  I had the same idea months/years ago. The first to market many times becomes the leader because of being first… whether the initial product was perfect or not.

If you have said statement #3 to yourself, I guarantee you have stopped your own opportunities for success from emerging.  When are you ready to realize the success you deserve?

Action always beats planning when it comes to revealing results.

For many with challenge #3, I have found the true base challenge is not wanting to perfect the product or service, it’s in mindset challenge #4 – What if I don’t know what to do next?

Instead of taking the next step, you use the fact you just need to make a few more changes as the excuse to not move forward.  You are comfortable tweaking the product or service so you stay stuck there instead of figuring out what’s next.

This not knowing what to do next can be a paralyzing feeling, right?  You can see the goal.  You just don’t know the first or next step to take to get there because there seem to be so many different options.

  • Which one will get me there fastest or is “THE” one to do now?
  • How can I know the action I choose is the right next step?

For many, this is alleviated with working with a mentor.  When you choose the right mentor, you are able to follow their path with each step laid out as “THE” next step.

Isn’t it much easier to follow the path already worn through the brush than to beat your own path down?  You are able to see what is next instead of guessing there is no cliff one step ahead you are unable to see.

I have found many of my students have enough information to create the success they want in their lives.  It’s putting it all together in a focused, logical process and taking the action which holds them back.

This is exactly what I train on at my Mindset Mastery Experience coming up in July.  At this 3-day event, I focus and guide you on the next steps for you to achieve the success you want.

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The final mindset challenge for this second type of person – I’m ready to start, but something always seems to pop up and stops me from getting started. Now at times, this can happen to anyone.  How often does it happen to you?

This is another reason why so many people come to work with me.  We all have activities which can cause us to get off track.  Whether its the kids, the spouse, the family, friends, etc., etc.  The distractions are many.  When your “Why” is strong enough, you are able to refocus faster and find solutions to any challenge.

Now when it comes to talking about your why, it needs to be something you feel a deep emotion inside of you when you think or talk about it.  If you don’t feel it, you must keep on looking deeper.  This is the drive which propels you when distractions arise.  Your Why has to be stronger than the distraction!

A strong why carries you forward when you have distractions… or a lack of motivation… or you feel tired.  It brings to mind the question, “Is this the highest and best use of your time?” This question coupled with your strong why will help you stay on track at all times.

My why is the driving force behind all I do and the reason I train you and all my other students.

Look for my next post this week to discuss the next set of limiting beliefs holding you back from success.

All the Power to You!

Paul Finck

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