Are you attempting to figure out why you have not been as successful as you had hoped and dreamed?

Have you followed the same path taught to you in school or by your family – go to school, get good grades, get a good job and work hard for your employer only to see it not creating the success, the wealth, and the happiness promised you?
Do you know you want a different result and just have no idea what to do or where to turn to get this different result… the happiness and satisfaction promised as your American Dream?

Then you are part of my first type of students I am discussing in today’s post:

Those who don’t know what to do to change your results in your life.

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We agreed in the previous posts the challenge all 3 types of people face in many cases boils down to one foundational piece – mindset!

Knowing this, do any of these statements sound like one you have or would say?

  1. If I work harder, the happiness and wealth will come.
  2. I’m following the same path my parents did to create a good life for myself.
  3. I need to have a secure job with a steady paycheck and benefits to take care of myself and my family.
  4. It takes money to make money.
  5. I don’t know any different way to create something different for myself.

Any of these sound familiar?

Each of them individually, or even worse grouped together, will hold you back in reaching your dream life.  Are you now ready to create a change in your life?

Let’s break down some of these limiting beliefs and mindsets.

Starting with #1 above – If I work harder, the happiness and wealth will come.  This mindset is one of keeping on doing the same thing – even working harder at it – and expecting a different result.  You know what this is a definition for… insanity.  If you work harder at something which is giving you a result you don’t want, you will get more of what you don’t want.

Many in our society learn to work hard and are taught if you are not successful, you must work harder.  You see the challenge here, right?  If the process is faulty, working harder at it produces only more of the same results.

You did say you are looking for something different, correct?  Sounds like it’s time to do something different then.

#1 usually ties right in with #2 – I’m following the same path as my parents to create a good life. Go to school.  Get a good job.  Work hard. This is learned from our parents and our school system.  It is what they were taught by their parents and school systems.  They don’t know anything else.  If they don’t know a different way, how can they teach you a different way?

The question to ask yourself with #2 is, “Do you want the lifestyle your parents have now?” If you answer yes, keep doing what they do.  If not, you need different information to achieve different results. It’s hard to learn how to be wealthy, successful and happy from mentors who are not!

Answer this – would you go to a Spanish tutor to learn how to do Algebra?  They might guess right and help you.  Wouldn’t you feel better working with a math tutor who knows how to show you the way to master math?  Then why would you follow the path of someone who does not have what you want?

The next mindset challenge, #3, is something learned from the Industrial Age: Work for a good company for a steady paycheck and benefits to create a secure life for yourself and your family.

The company will take care of you while you work.  They will keep bumping up your income and promote you.  You will earn enough while you are working to take care of yourself through a retirement plan after they give you the gold watch at your retirement party.

How often have you heard or even said a variation of this?  Again, this comes down to the beliefs you have been taught over the years from your teachers and parents.  It’s what they do and what they did.  Do you want what they have now?

How secure is it to put your future, and your family’s well-being, in someone else’s hands whose #1 priority is taking care of themselves and their family?  Who is making you and your family their #1 priority then?  Maybe not quite as secure as you had thought, huh?

And this is a different time requiring different processes.  We are in the Information Age now.  Following Industrial Age thinking will not produce Industrial Age results any longer… unless you own the industry!

I have your attention now.  You want something different for yourself and your family, but doesn’t it take money to make moneyThis is mindset challenge #4.

I used to think this way also.  What I have learned in the last 27+ years as an entrepreneur, there are many ways to grab hold of the resources you may want or need to create your change.

When you work with me, I show you exactly how to create the future you want using leverage.  Leverage of time, money and knowledge.  Possessing any 2 you can create leverage to acquire the 3rd.  This is one of the most mind-expanding topics you ever learn.

This brings us to the final mindset challenge – I don’t know any different way to create the change I want for myself. This has proven to be the stumbling block of the masses.  It holds so many back from ever creating a new reality for themselves.

Many people are so used to being self-reliant or using traditional means of education to achieve success.  Realize, every successful person has found a mentor to teach them how to get where they want to go.

One question I get asked frequently about this is, “How do I find the right mentor for myself?”

My answer is simple.  Find the person who has exactly what you envision as the life you want.  Then do whatever it takes to work with them to learn how to do this for yourself.

Would you like to learn even more about creating the success and happiness you truly desire?

Do you think learning from an expert who has created this already in their life would be helpful for you to get there quickly too?

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Look for my next post this week to discuss the next set of limiting beliefs holding you back from success.

All the Power to You!

Paul Finck

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