Just returned home from the event I was speaking and coaching at this past weekend in just enough time to get this second post out to you in this series of 6.  If you missed the first one, just click here to see it and fill in the gaps.

As a refresher of our conversation from this weekend, I was talking about the 3 distinct types of people I see at each event and the challenges they experience in creating the success they desire.

These 3 types are:

1.  Those who don’t know what to do to change your results in your life. You know you want something different and either just don’t know what it is or how to get there.

2.  Those who have all the knowledge to achieve a new phase in your life, yet still have taken little to no action on the knowledge. This is the analysis paralysis group as I like to call them.

3.  Those who know what to do, have done it, and still feel like there is more to life than what they have now. This is the group many others view as successful even while they feel there is so much more they want.

Which one of these 3 best describes you and where you are now in your pursuit of happiness in your life?

We agreed the challenge each of the 3 types of people face in many cases boil down to one foundational piece – mindset!

Now where did your mindset or your beliefs come from?

For each one of us, it has come from compiling experiences and knowledge from:
  • parents
  • relatives
  • teachers
  • friends
  • care givers
  • coaches/mentors
  • clergy
  • the news – whether this be TV, radio, print or the internet
  • advertising
  • books
  • videos
  • movies
  • TV shows
  • internet
  • social media

This is just a sampling of places which have created the mindset you currently have.  You see how varied this list is.
Some may even happen whether you are aware of them or not. A simple example is the TV ad which played as you were talking on the phone and all the sudden you are hungry for pizza.  See how this can happen?

How much interaction have you had with all of these influencers and more over your lifetime?  I know, it’s huge to think about.

And it’s not even just when you are awake!!

Have you ever fallen asleep with the television on… or when others were still awake and conversing about anything?  Heck my grandparents used to turn the heat up in the car just to get the kids to fall asleep on winter evenings.

These times when you are falling asleep or are asleep are when your mind is most impressionable.  This is when your conscious mind shuts off and your subconscious mind really gets to assimilate information quickly and deeply.

Who ever thought falling asleep to the Late Show and waking up with an infomercial playing really mattered, right?

You are bombarded all day long throughout your life with messages looking to shape your beliefs and your mindset.

Do you think some faulty information may get in occasionally whether you want it to or not?  If you are sleeping, you have very limited control as to what you are hearing which is programming your computer – your mind – at this particular moment.

The biggest challenge comes in not knowing what these unwanted mindsets are or even if they are present.  Yet they are great at forming limiting beliefs which hold each of us back from attaining our full potential.

Finding the mindset challenges and creating new beliefs to replace them is one of the most powerful ways I help my students.  It helps both on a business level and on a personal level.  Are you now ready for this change in your life?

Each of the 3 types of attendees I see at my events has their own set of limiting beliefs caused from their current mindset.  Each has different beliefs which hold them back from achieving all which is possible.  What is holding you back right now?

In my next post, we will begin breaking down the hidden ways your mind can play games with you holding you back from the goals you have for yourself.  I will break down each of the 3 different types above to shatter some of the common glass walls and ceilings you have now holding you back.

Look for the next post over the weekend.

All the Power to You!

Paul Finck

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