RUN FINCK RUN... Join me as I elevate my life to a new level. Be my accountability partners, my running companions, my cheer team, or simply be a spectator waiting to see me accomplish this challenge - watching what I do and how I do it!

My challenge: I am over weight, enjoy great times and great food, and haven't really exercised in over 10 years (it may be closer to 20), and am 13 months from my 50th birthday.... and in 245 Days I am running a HALF MARATHON (13.1 miles) in Disney, Orlando Florida.

Go to to see more about the event.

This all started with my daughter, Alex Finck, who is an avid runner and also LOVES Disney. She found out about this race called RUNDISNEY and could not stop talking about it. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and wanting to be by her side with this, I COMMITTED to her to RUN it with her.

To accomplish this - to get in shape - to create a new body - to do something I have NEVER done before ... is going to take effort, commitment, and focus. Now I TEACH this... I coach 1000’s on how to make this happen in their own lives. So I know what to do... now it is a matter of DOING IT! (sound familiar)

I know I can not do this alone... I NEED YOU! I want YOU to hold me accountable for what I commit to!

So here it is...
I am going to post my progress here and even more often on my Facebook page (click here to follow me on Facebook) on a regular basis. I am going to let you know how my running is going, what my routine is, what my diet is, how much weight I am losing. Whenever you do not see this coming from me or you see me slipping, I give you permission to call me out. I train on all the different ways to accomplish major transformation and NOW I get a chance to demonstrate it first hand to all of you. Watch, learn, get inspired, join me on the journey and assist me in transforming my body and my life in new ways! WHO IS WITH ME?

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3 Responses to “Run Finck, Run”

  1. Joe Marchessault

    Dear Paul,

    I am so delighted to hear that you are now a runner like me! You have made a very healthy choice. I have run the Disney Full Marathon and half, plus NYC Marathon, and a bunch of others. I have also run many 5K, 10K, 10 Mile and other races. I hope you choose healthy eating also, because some runners like Jim Fix, die because of their poor diet. Visit for healthy food recipes. Send me an email and I will send over some more healful information.
    Good going Paul! How are the Kids doing?

    Kind Regards,

    Joe Marchessault


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