I was talking to one of my coaching students last Friday. They kept talking about how quickly this week had flown by. You know how this goes. So many to-do’s on the list to accomplish and nowhere close to enough time to make it happen. This is exactly what they were describing to me. Has this ever happened to you?

They described this feeling they get in their stomach when they realize how they are running short on time to get it all done and feeling it will never happen. Do you ever have that feeling in your stomach? You know, the one where you have a huge knot the size of a softball which forms when you look at the clock and think what happened to all the time I had today to get everything completed?

The classic “Time keeps on slippin…, slippin…, slippin…, into the future” lyric from the Eagles song Fly Like an Eagle was playing in my head until a quote by one of our founding fathers popped it into the background:

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. – William Penn

How can Richard Branson… or Bill Gates… or Warren Buffett have the same amount of time in the day as you do and get so much more accomplished? I know the answer lies right in this quote – most people use time very poorly. Using time effectively is a major reason why successful people are successful!

One of the first processes I show each of my students in their Success Blueprint is to create a list of action steps at the end of every day for tomorrow.

Now I have a couple different reasons for creating this the night before:

  • Your mind is still fresh with all the tasks you were doing throughout today and what the next step is in each process. This means more of the tasks are still at the surface of your conscious brain so they are easier to recall. There goes the sitting with your notebook or computer in front of you in the morning wondering what are you forgetting for today. You know what I mean, right? I know this has happened to you before too.
  • When you create this list the night before, you are ready to take action as soon as you wake up the next day… no thinking, just straight into action. It’s one of the reasons in the old commercial where the Army says they do more before 9 AM than most people do all day – they have a plan already set and immediately jump into action.
  • Having a list created with all the tasks prioritized means no thinking “What’s next? What should you do now?”. Have you had those times in your day? I know I used to. The next action steps are already at your finger tips to keep you moving forward. How much more can you accomplish every day without having to look for the next most important, most productive step to take toward your goals?

Now this process of mapping out your day the night before is just one of the many processes I teach my students when they work with me. And when they put it into practice consistently, they achieve the results they have wanted and enjoy their life more while having less stress.

Are you looking for these same results in your life too?

  • Get more done every day
  • Have more free time to spend doing what you want… time with family, exercise, read a book, finally get to implement the great idea for your own business
  • Get rid of the feeling of never-ending frustration when you don’t get it all done
  • Reviewing your day, your week or your month and knowing you did everything in your power to “create your life, your way”.

This does not even take into account how much more this will create financially in your life.

It took me many years to figure out on my own these exact strategies I share with my students and use daily in my life. I know you want much quicker results than years down the road, right?

My suggestion would be to come work with me so I can show you many other entrepreneurial processes to speed up your learning curve.  When you are ready to accelerate your success, email me at: paul@paulfinck.com and place in the subject line: Show Me How Paul.  I have a special offer for those who take action now!