When you look at the globe, you will notice that there are a lot of lines intersecting to lead you to a specific location. This is also the same if you want to get somewhere different in your life; you have to cross many borderlines to get to where you want to be.

Truth is the world is telling us lines separate more than just locations. They separate people. The sad part of it all is the lines which actually create the most impact are the invisible ones… and often, these are lines we create ourselves.
Many times, we draw a line with the intent this will protect us from the hurt, the pain, the frustrations, and the tragedies we want to forget, to not experience and to release. It’s ideal to actually avoid those who may appear to do more harm than good to you – your career, your intellect, your image, your life. Drawing the line would be the best idea at this point. It won’t help to be a part of their circle or be friends. This line is created with the idea of protecting you from negative influences in your life.

Still, as adults, we make a choice whether or not to actually go ahead and risk drawing the line. Why? Simple – it may not be these people’s fault their life turned out to be complicated or messy. The simple fact stands: life is messy – you just have to clean it up. And on top of this, they may be unaware there is a challenge… the old you don’t know what you don’t know idea. We are all complicated until we find someone who detangles these challenges. This person may just need the line erased to find the resource to help them. These lines rarely actually keep people away; they isolate you and keep your social and emotional growth stagnant.

It’s your choice – you can choose to draw lines with each person’s name written on a side keeping you apart or you can cross it. It’s all a matter of dropping the belief you may be wasting your time. After all, if someone else had decided to follow the line, you may have never learned and grown yourself in so many areas.